The building consists of:

  • A basement comprising parking spaces with automatic access door, technical rooms and individual cellars
  • A basement comprising two duplexes
  • A basement with two studios
  • A ground floor comprising the main entrance, a studio-loft and two flats
  • One floor with two lofts
  • The possibility of merging two units, in order to obtain a single apartment is expected
  • Roof terrace of the building accessible to the condominium as a relaxation area and including a gym and a technical area
  • Foundations made of general raft, reinforced concrete, according to an anti-seismic calculation
  • Block-work of all peripheral exterior walls and some interior walls, for better sound insulation and thermal
  • SODAP interior coating with high precision cement mortar, with markings to ensure flatness, orthogonality and horizontality. Trellis in Galvanized steel on all joints
  • SODAP exterior plaster with mortar with adjuvant to ensure waterproofing


  • Coated in white cement based stone in accordance with prospects with alucobond; Finishing and color selected by the architect and glass railings for security
  • Anodised or lacquered aluminum window frames, TECHNAL or equivalent, chosen by the architect. (TOPAZ or GK profile new generation depending on the size of the window)
  • Electric roller shutters in aluminum, installed on the picture windows of the bedrooms, or curtain type SCREEN blackout motorized with rails and box in Aluminum
  • Glazing: double glazing white ST. GOBAIN. (6 + 6 + 8mm)

Made according to the drawings of the interior designer. All main entrance doors will be homogeneous. They will open onto the same staircase.


  • Entrance door, guest toilet doors, kitchen, hallway and bedrooms will be in natural varnished wood (Fraqué)
  • Doors to the bedrooms and bathrooms will be MDF inserted alveolar cores painted walls


  • Rooms and corridor: painted MDF wings with vertical seal as handle; Imported laminated SHELMAN or equivalent
  • The bathroom of the master bedroom will be equipped with a cabinet under the counter of the sink


  • The kitchen will be fitted out in a functional way, according to the plans of the architect. The doors of the cabinets, high and low, (resin under the sink), in laminated wood and the carcasses will be in laminated wood

Floor Coverings:

  • Common Parts:
  • Entrance hall and elevator cabin in granite, marble or large stone
  • Main staircase and floor levels in local stone or mosaic
  • Access cars and car parks tiled in concrete slabs or concrete finished with epoxy paint
  • Cellars and technical rooms tiled in local ceramic


  • Stay, dining room and balcony-veranda, guest bathroom in imported marble (60 x 60cm); Calepinage according to plans Of architecture, or of ceramic tinted in the mass, rectified of (100 x 100cm)
  • Corridor and bedrooms in imported ceramic or pre-finished parquet
  • Wet rooms: kitchens and bathrooms in imported ceramics
  • Laundry room and local ceramic staff
  • Interior walls and ceilings (plaster or plasterboard) entrance, hallway and bathrooms: finish vinyl paint 1st choice (brand CROWN or equivalent) in 3 layers applied to 3 sanded layers of mastics to obtain a smooth surface to the lamp
  • Kitchen walls and ceilings and guest bathrooms as well as plasterboard ceilings in bathrooms: 3-in-1 oil painting finish Layers applied on 3 sanded layers of mastics
  • Imported ceramic on the walls of the bathrooms of the rooms
  • Liquid (cement-based rubber) membrane, FLORA brand or equivalent, on all floors of wet rooms as well as balconies of the rooms
  • Double membrane 4mm SBS for all the exposed parts (duplex and roof terraces as well as on the exposed ground floor tile)
  • Double membrane 4mm SBS on accessible retaining walls; Protection by a masonry wall of 10cm
  • SBS anti-root membrane with geotextile for flower boxes
  • In some cases the waterproofing will be treated with SODAP PU paint in 2 coats on a coated, smooth and clean surface
  • MITSUBISHI brand elevator or equivalent will be put into service
  • Stainless steel sliding doors on the ground floor and painted sheet metal for all others. The cabin covers are optional of the architect
  • Elevator in compliance with the new laws of safety in force

Heating & Air-conditioning:

  • Individual heating: provided by aluminum radiatorsROCCA or equivalent powered by a boiler of the brand CHAPPEE or equivalent
  • Air conditioning is provided from units of the “SPLIT SYSTEM” type GREE or equivalent in the rooms and central part. For stays CARRIER or equivalent, to ensure independence and comfort
  • Compressors and condensing units installed at the locations provided by the design office

Plumbing & Sanitary Rooms:

  • Arrival of domestic water provided by the municipal water stored in a large reservoir in the basement
  • Distribution by automatic pumping to individual polyethylene tanks of 1m3 volume for each apartment
  • A domestic hot water tank to ensure hot water to the circuits will be connected to the individual boiler, equipped with an electrical resistor and connected to the solar system
  • HATRIA or KOHLER vitrified porcelain sanitary appliances
  • GROHE chrome plated valves Eurosmart series or equivalent
  • DALMINE branded hoses with AFL accessories or equivalent
  • Polypropylene pipes buried in the first production of European quality
  • Exhaust pipes in P.V.C. 1st quality
  • A suppressor will provide adequate water pressure for high floors
  • Electrical equipment LEGRAND type ARTEOR or MERTEN series SMART
  • Videophone in each apartment connected to the concierge and the entrance
  • Generator set (generator) of DEUTZ brand or equivalent
  • Earthing plug intended for installation of strong and weak currents
  • Protective circuit breaker with high breaking capacity and earth leakage circuit breaker for sockets
  • The apartments will be powered by a single-phase installation (or three-phase for the duplex); Meter at the expense of the customer
  • Recovery of water from air-conditioning units
  • Solar panels to heat the water of the apartments, installed on the roof of the building, mounted on steel
  • Lighting of common areas with low consumption light bulbs
  • Planting of all common areas
  • Faucets with reduced water consumption (Grohe)
  • Tanks with reduced water consumption (Grohe)